Acoustic Ceiling Tiles Facts

In all probability you would have heard of acoustic tiles, but may not be aware of their functioning or their composite materials. I was in the same boat, till one day I decided to get them installed in my basement and decided to research the subject before going ahead with the project. You may like to get enlightened on the subject, so here’s all the useful information that I gathered from the net.

acoustic ceiling tiles

You must be wondering how these tiles originated. Interior designers while looking for ways to reduce the height of ceiling for deadening the noise caused the development of these tiles. Its construction involves suspending a grid of metal strips from the original height of the ceiling. The sections so created in the grid are filled with sound-absorbing acoustic ceiling tiles. Apart from deadening the sound, the ceiling helps you to hide unpleasant wires, fixtures and pipes etc that are often found on most of the ceilings, particularly the old ones.

Acoustic ceilings reached the height of popularity during 60’s to early 80’. Originally they contained asbestos, the use of which was banned in 1978, thereby affecting their production and use. Further, many with that kind of ceiling were required to hire specialists to remove the existing asbestos acoustic ceiling tiles and replace the same with alternate materials or bring the rooms back to their original shape, without anything on the ceiling.

The best part of having acoustic ceiling tiles is that they certainly dampen the noise between floors of your home or building. You can paint them to match the color of your interiors. The only limitation of such a ceiling is that on its getting wet, stains appear on the tiles. Depending upon the volume of water on its top, it may get wet to the extent of crashing down suddenly. It’s no fun to have stained tiles on the ceiling and you have to get them bleached to restore them to their original look. Even replacing a few damaged tiles is not too difficult. Acoustic ceiling tiles enable you renovate a room in the shortest time. They help avoiding a lot of construction work that would otherwise be needed to restore an old ugly ceiling. It is very economical too. You just suspend a grid from the existing ceiling and get a new stunning ceiling to the delight of all.

You assess your requirements of an acoustic ceiling. It’s an excellent medium to have a new good-looking ceiling that dampens noise level and hides all the wires and pipes on the original ceiling. This can be painted in colors to match your interiors. It is easy to install and inexpensive, compared to the cost and time involved for repairing an old ceiling or constructing a new one.

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  1. Acoustic tiles are one of the best quality of tile for home construction also they help in adjusting ceiling lighting in home.