Install Suspended Ceiling

Installation of a suspended ceiling on your own takes quite sometime. Generally, such an installation for a room of 9’X12’ would require about 16 hours of working. It could take longer in the event of any unusual happening. Moreover, it will be too cumbersome for one man to do it and needs at least two people; preferably those who like to carry on small domestic projects. Other than that it needs no great technical skills, nor would it require any special or expensive tools and equipments, the techniques of installation being very basic pose no problem to an average householder.

Generally, you don’t need a permit for constructing a suspended ceiling but it’s always better to have a confirmation from the local building department, lest there be complication at a later stage.

install suspended ceiling

Suspended ceilings are hung from the ceiling beam or truss with the aid of a metal grid. The opening thus created between the beam and ceiling is used to house all the wires, pipes and ducts. A tile ceiling can be glued directly to an existing ceiling or on “furring strips” that are glued or nailed to the existing ceiling. This style of ceiling helps the same way by hiding any old and existing ceiling, but proves better than a suspended ceiling where the latter would drop down to an uncomfortable level when the height of the existing ceiling is already low. Depending upon the height of the given room, the requirements would vary but the construction codes demand that the minimum height of a ceiling for a new construction be seven and a half feet.

Execution of any job gets easy if you have the right set of tools. The installation of suspended or tile ceiling needs no special or expensive equipment and you may already be having most of them. These are the tools you’ll require for carrying out the installation of your own: Metal tape 20-25 feet long, a handsaw, a ladder, straightedge, putty knife, safety goggles and face mask, a pencil and chalkline, miter box, screwdriver, drywall pan, cross tees, tiles, ganer wire, and a coping saw. However, it’s not one man’s job and you’ll definitely need a helping hand to install this.

Suspended ceilings not only give a great looking ceiling but have other advantages too. They cover up all the unorganized and unpleasant looking wires and pipes while providing support to lighting arrangement. And, above all they muffle sounds and generally have fire-resisting properties. Acoustical ceilings have small tiny holes that absorb sound and noise. So, they make a good option for kitchens or other noisy places. You also have ceilings made of mineral fiber that retards fire and makes them ideal for fire hazard areas. Otherwise, a suspended ceiling is an excellent choice for having beautiful ceiling that matches the décor of the room. Being lightweight they are easy to install.


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  2. Unless you have no carpenter skills of any kind a drop ceiling 9×12 should only take maybe 4 hrs to install.If you choose to install a reveal edge tile I recommend hiring a local ceiling company for this.Regular flat lay- in tiles are best used if tou don't have any experience.